International Barcode Acceptance & Retailer Requirements

This page outlines three tiers of retailers and their barcode requirements.

1. Retailers who require direct GS1 membership (Our barcodes are not suitable for these).
2. Retailers who require a Barcode Verification Report, but not necessarily GS1 membership (our barcodes are suitable).
3. Retailers who have no specific requirements other than a correctly formatted & globally unique barcode (our barcodes are suitable).

1. Retailers who require direct GS1 membership. Our numbers not accepted

Proof of GS1 Membership Required
These retailers do not accept 3rd party GTINs. If you are supplying these retailers we recommend applying to GS1 directly.
Documentation (or requirement of GS1 membership indicated by page number)
Walmart / / Sam’s ClubWalmart states – “Please enclose in your proposal packet a copy of your UCC (GS1) membership letter reporting your firm’s actual number. You must be registered directly with the UCC (GS1) and not through a third party.”
See also –How To Fix UPC Code & Unique ID Errors on Walmart Marketplace
For New Suppliers of Walmart or Sam’s Club
KrogerKroger utilize whihc offers integration with GS1 portals (GS1 Data Hub).
JC PennyJCPPC Business-to Business (B2B) Shipment Automation
Program Data & Labeling Requirements
NordstrumPackaging and Labeling Standards –

Foodstuffs NZ
FoodStuffs SI Merchandise Operations Procedure Guidelines for Suppliers (page 21)
Woolworths / Countdown (former Progressive Enterprises)Woolworths Group Supply Standards &
Packaging & Bar Code Specifications
For Consumer Units, Trade Units and Logistic Units May 2016 Vendor Release Version: v11.2
(page 17)
Super Retail Group (Super Cheap Auto, BCF, A-Mart, Rebel Sports)
Super Retail Group Packaging Specifications (page 8)
Amazon Brand Registry (not applicable to Private Seller Listings)

2. Require Verification Report. Our EAN-13 or UPC-A numbers accepted w/ Barcode Verification Report

Barcode Verification Report required
These retailers do accept 3rd party GTINs but often require a Barcode Verification Report. The barcodes we supply are suitable at these retailers. See Barcode Verification to arrange a verification report.
(barcodes supplied by Barcode Savers are suitable)
Bunnings WarehouseBunnings Packaging and Labelling guide for Our Suppliers (page 16)
Farro FreshFarro Fresh Supplier Form
Four SquareN/A
HuckleberryHuckleberry Supplier Information
PlaceMakersPlaceMakers – General Terms of Supply (page 15)

3. No specific requirements. Our EAN-13 or UPC-A numbers accepted generally

No Specific Restrictions or;
retailer requires a valid EAN-13, UPC-A, EAN-8 or;
Compliance with minimum GS1 standards e.g. correct size/format. (barcodes supplied by Barcode Savers are suitable)
Notes, and all other Amazon tlds
(Private Seller Listings)
Amazon Seller Support have informed our customers barcodes can be bought from “any external or third party supplier and use them to list your products, however the barcode must be valid”

Amazon’s integrated form validators accept our EAN-13 and UPC-A barcodes into their system to list new products.
netohq.comOur EAN-13 & UPC-A numbers validate on the Neto Platform. Please note if the item is intended for Amazon Brand Registry that Amazon’s Brand Registry polices apply.
rangeme.comBoth our UPC-A & EAN-13 barcodes validate in RangeMe’s system. RangeMe are using a form validator (similar to Amazon) to confirm the correct check digit and the GTIN is constructed properly.

Please Note – This list contains the most notable and common examples of global retailer requirements and is accurate to the best of our knowledge and experience. There are millions of stores globally with differing supplier policies and guidelines therefore this list is by no means definitive. Vendor guidelines and internal policies are subject to change at any time. If you are uncertain about a particular retailer we recommend requesting a supplier guideline document or vendor agreement to determine if direct GS1 membership is a requirement.